Reike healing

- a powerfull treatment for healing and relaxation

Jeg har her henover sommeren taget Reiki uddannelsen. (Reike 1 og 2, samt Reikemaster). Dette tilbyder jeg nu både i klinikken og som fjern healing.

What is Reike healing?

Reike is a very old, simple an 100% natural system that provides deep relaxation and healing

Reiki healing provide positiv balance for body and mind.

Reike healing kan benyttes ved de fleste sygdomme både de almene og de specifikke. Feks migræne, stress, muskelspændinger, smerter osv.

Regarding to COVID-19 restrictions I offer remote healing.

DKK 200,- for conversation session and 15 min. remote healing
DKK 350,- for conversation session and 30 min. remote healing

Call me: 20 88 59 81


Treatment with infrared carpet

- the body is warmed from the inside and provides relaxation to muscles and tendons.

I offer treatments with infrared carpet. The blanket warms the body from the inside, the rest causes the tendons and muscles to relax. The blanket can be used for treatments of many different genes. Try it and feel the effect.

1/2 hour: DKK 200
1/1 hour: DKK 300

It is also possible to get a finishing treatmen of 30 min. after other treatment.
Christmas price: DKK 100


Find peace and calm down

- try my unique stone rugs - you will immediately feel calming effect

A stoneware blanket is great for resting the body. The body is affected all the way around, for example, if you lie down. This allows the body to "let go and relax". A stoneware blanket embrace the body / delimit the body in an incredibly comfortable way.

Find prices here


In the picture above you can see how I place flat, round seashore stones between two soft rugs. Subsequently, every stone is sewn into its own little pocket between the two blankets. Therefore, the carpet does not rack when it is used, and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the carpet. I use the carpet myself when I'm overweight after sports, so the body stops toning. It is also recommended for meditations where the head will not let go of control.


""I feel safe and secure - and I have a better sense of clarity in my head".

"After using the blanket , I feel a better balance in the body."

"It's my next best buy - just after my Harley Davidson"

"Feels like comming home, when I use my blanket"

Some of my customers have used the carpet after surgery. The weight of the blnket has been able to remove the pain, giving both relief and nice rest.

Can you use the blankets for children?

Yes, definitely. Children often become blissful when using the blanket, or fall into deep sleep. Other children find a rest when blnkets are used, for example, by car or in the stroller.

A unique object of use - not two are alike

My stoneware blankets are unique - not two identical - neither in appearance nor weight. The carpets are good at giving a relaxed feeling and increased well-being to dementia, arthritis, or if you have pain. The blanket can also help you if you are suffering from insomnia or general body sores.


The blankets are made of soft cotton blankets with flat, rounded beach stone sewn into seperate pockets. The blankets are available in different sizes and weight classes.

If you do not want a blanket, I have other products

Nogle synes et stentæppe er for klodset og har måske mere brug for noget mindre. Derfor fremstiller jeg  også på sjal, ponchoer eller muffer med strandsten.

Please contact me

- if you are interested in hearing more about the stonework, or maybe want to try out the different types and weights, dont hesitatet to call me. I recommend you to come and try out my different types of blankets. It is important to find exactly the model and weight that just gives you the best good rest and peace of mind.

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