Pricing 1 of January 2021:

60 minuts of treatment DKK 600

30 minuts of treatment: DKK 350

15 Minuts of treatment DKK 200

Home treatment in Sfr. Felding + DKK 75

Home treatment outside Sdr. Felding + DKK 150

My healing treatments are, however, the same as I'm still a form of an old-fashioned "street crossing", a mix of physiotherapy, Kranio sacral therapy acupuntur and healing. But the treatments all go by with my stonework blankets. Please come and try it out, you willl find comfort and peace at my clinic!

Call me for setting up a time for appointment 20 88 59 81

I look forward to treat you.

Best regards

Helle Kjærsig

The use of stonework blankets

- provides your body peace and relaxation while I'm working with you

A stoneware blanket is great for resting the body. The body is affected all the way around, for example, if you lie down. This allows the body to "let go and relax". A stoneware blanket embrace the body / delimit the body in an incredibly comfortable way.

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