The idea of making stonework blankets

- occurred by coincidence

I went to a healing session. Here I could not really calm down and "fall into the mattress". I felt flooded. I asked the healer to find all her heavy blankets. This heavy feeling around my body resulted in a very calm and quiet feeling that I needed. When the healing was done, and I got up from the bar, I said "now I have to go home and make stone carpets! "

It has been a very exciting journey to make the blankets and get them in use in my very own clinic. I have received a lot of feedback to work on, from my customers and treat friends.

Furthermore my mother had Parkinson's disease and was demented. She tested some of the first things I did, I found out that it was necessary to use blankets otherwise she turned the stones out of the carpet.

By time I came across that the weight of the blnakets has to be widely different as we humans are not the same. Some need a lot of weight, others less to find the peace of mind.

I is important that every person feels what works. The stones really need to embrace people, it is therefore important that they flat so they do not bother and there must be balance in the placement.

The blankets are unique, as the stone is natural and no stone is the same.

The blankets also do not have the same function for everyone. Some sleep with them, others use them at work when they are reading for meditation, especially children use them to lie on when they play for dinner situations. The blankets can also be usefull in stressfully situations.

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